The agricultural plastic waste (APW) currently represent a heavy burden for the agricultural ecosystem, particularly in Mediterranean regions where agricultural production is intensive. The high costs of managing this waste for farmers and public authorities, together with the technical difficulties for the recycling of certain wastes of agriculture and the non-uniform legislation between EU countries lead to the spread of unacceptable practices of disposal. On the other hand, the plastic waste could be recycled into new raw material or eventually used for the production of energy.

The goal of the project is the recognition of the potential for economic development related to the proper management and use of plastic waste.

The partners capitalize on the results of previous projects and best practices in the field of agricultural plastics and develop a specific know how about the collection, treatment and reuse of agricultural plastic waste (APW) as a result of a specific scientific research and experimentation. The collaboration between partners, and other public and private actors also aims to lead to the establishment of new local agreements, technical solutions and regional strategic plans to optimize the management cycle of agricultural plastic waste. This collaboration will ensure both the definition of viable solutions and a widespread knowledge and understanding through a shared governance.

In particular the partnership will test a more efficient system for the collection of agricultural plastic waste in a temporary new station created on purpose.

The activities of know-how transfer will increase the knowledge of local farmers and local authorities of the regions involved. Promoting business creation completes the cycle of the project with the production of a model of business plan for the establishment of new companies in the field of management of agricultural plastic waste.

The final result of the project is therefore to define an optimal model for the process of collecting and processing of agricultural plastic waste, to spread knowledge and awareness about the topic and to create new businesses in the collection and recycling of agricultural plastics.


AWARD is a project financed by the European Union with ERDF funds, through the ETC Programme 2007-2013 Greece – Italy.

Approved initial budget: 1.803.272,40 €.

Project life: 1st October 2013 – 31st December 2015


LP – IFOA – Bari branch (IT)
P2 – University of Bari (IT)
P3 – Province of Barletta-Andria-Trani (IT)
P4 – Confagricoltura Puglia (IT)
P5 – Municipality of Ilida (GR)
P6 – Innopolis – Centre for innovation and culture (GR)

Official leaflet of the project