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2nd meeting ILIDA_4-5 Nov 2014
3rd meeting ANDRIA_22-23 Apr 2015
4th meeting Ilida ILIDA_10-11 Nov 2015
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The first step of the project activities is a detailed analysis of the APW generation in the areas of the Province of BAT and of the Municipality of Ilida, and of the current situation about APW collection, transportation and disposal. The analysis examines the current practices and possible critical legislative, technical, social and economical factors. The areas subjected to intensive use of APW are examined by statistical data and remote sensing surveys. On this basis, a Geographical Information System is implemented, so enabling the possibility to investigate different development scenarios, and to introduce these results into a Decision Support System (DSS) able to plan optimized APW fluxes.

Italy – territory of Barletta Andria Trani

PEST analysis_UNIBA
Geo-referenced mapping
Collection of statistical data_results

The territorial distribution of the estimated agricultural plastic waste in the Province of BAT can be consulted in the WebGIS at the following address:

Greece – territory of Ilida

PEST analysis heliospho english version
PEST executive summary
SWOT analysis for Greece final
SWOT for Greece Executive Summary
GIS executive Summary
Graphs per Municipal Distinct of Ileia Prefecture (GIS statistical analysis)
Collection of statistical data_ results

The results of the analysis of the territorial distribution of the estimated agricultural plastic waste in the Ilida municipality can be consulted here. The results of the analysis of the BAT Province are uploaded also here , using the same software, for comparisons reasons.

One of the aims of the project is to develop a model of public-private partnership for the governance of the APW system. Also on the basis of previous projects and other good practices and through the transfer of know-how between RTD performers, Local Authorities and  SME associations, partners prepare guidelines to the correct management of plastic waste, differentiated and addressed to different targets: public authorities, farmers, industry of collection. Besides, they involve other stakeholders to take part to round-tables of institutional coordination, during which public- private partnership joint solutions for an economically and environmentally viable solutions to APW issue are reached, and formalized in Memoranda of Understanding and in strategic plans to address to the higher administrative levels, in a mainstreaming approach.

Italy – territory of Barletta Andria Trani

Guidelines to farmers
Guidelines to management system
Memorandum of understanding
Local round tables of institutional coordination
Strategic Local Actions Plan

Greece – territory of Ilida

Guidelines for farmers
Local round tables of institutional coordination in Greece
Memorandum of Understanding
Strategic Local Actions Plans

Both territories involved in the project activities develop feasibility plans for the realization of an experimental station, so to test and fine-tune the model of APW management developed. The Italian side goes as far as the concrete testing of the functionality of the service, observed and participated by the Greek partners.

Italy – territory of Barletta Andria Trani

Collection testing phase BAT contract
Collection testing phase BAT tender
Collection testing phase BAT spot
Feasibility plan for the collection of agricultural plastic waste_Province of Barletta Andria Trani
Feasibility plan_Italy_pictures
Collection testing phase_BAT_leaflet
Description of testing results and of sampling

Greece – territory of Ilida

Feasibility plan on agricultural waste management _Ilida_EN
Research on pesticides containers in Ilida_EN
Research on pesticides containers in Ilida_GR
Feasibility plan on agricultural waste management_abstract_GR
Description of pilot testing_GR

The findings and optimized processes developed by the partnership are widely transferred to operators through information events. Moreover they are also used as the basis for the creation of conditions and promotion of a new type of economic activity, in the field of the limitedly exploited micro-collection of agricultural waste, through activities of entrepreneurship training and set up of business plans.

Open Conference, Trani – 5 December 2014

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Seminars of information to farmers in Italy

Didactic Material
Seminar Andria
Seminar Barletta
Seminar Bisceglie
Seminar Canosa

Seminars of information to farmers in Greece

Seminar Amaliada
Seminar Lehaina
Seminar Pirgos
Seminar Lehaina
Seminar Selianitika

Training course for business start up in Italy

Training Calendar
Training didactic material
Training programme
Training Project Work

Training course for business start up in Greece

Business Plans
Training course didactic materials
Training course in Greece

Several communication actions are foreseen in order to spread project aims and results. Here is a collection of information products.

Award Project Brochure
Communication and dissemination plan
Press coverage
Scientific articles and presentations
Final Conference – Trani, 3 December 2015
Final Conference – Ilida, 11 November 2015